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6. What is the relationship between angles 4 and 8? _____ 7. Given m || n. What is the mLe? Use the diagram to the right to answer questions 8 - 13. 8. Which angle(s) would is supplementary to angle 5? _____ 9. What is the measure of angle 2? _____ 10. What is the measure of angle 3? _____ 11. What type of angle pair is angle 7 and angle 8 ... Relationship between length of an arc and its degree measure. Length of an arc = circumference degree measure of the arc 360 × ° If the degree measure of an arc is 40° then length of the arc PQR =2 40 360 2 9 ππrr. ° ° = Inscribed angle : The angle subtended by an arc (or chord) on any point on the remaining part of the circle is called ...

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