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Part A. VSEPR and Molecular Geometry 1. Fill in the table for each of the following molecules. CO2 is provided as an example. 3D Depiction of Molecule and total # | Correct Lewis of valenceStructur Molecule (with Polar or Electron Molecular bond angles) Nonpolar Pair | Geometry | Predictedby Geometry electrons VSEPR CO2 1800 16 val. C-O linear electrons linear nonpolar H20 val. electrons NH3 ...CH 222 Geometry & Polarity Guide VSEPR / Electron Molecular / Bond Angle(s) General Structure Pair Geometry Shape Geometry (Degrees) Polarity Example Two Clouds: 2 atoms, no electron pairs, symmetric Linear Linear 180 Non-polar O C CO 2 O Two Clouds: 2 atoms, no electron pairs, asymmetric Linear Linear 180 Polar O C COS S Three Clouds:

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